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COVID-19 Wrongful Termination Claims

As COVID-19 has spread across Texas, first responders and healthcare workers face a particular danger of being exposed in the midst of this pandemic and shortages of proper protective equipment. However, workers in other occupations such as correctional officers, grocery store workers, retail employees and many other positions that are essential for our economy to continue to move forward might also be able to show that the nature of their work has put them at higher risk than the general population.

Unfortunately, some of these workers have been terminated while they are out sick with COVID 19 or while in quarantine due to this virus. As a result of losing their jobs, they have also lost their source of income but in turn, cannot find other employment in this difficult time. If you or a loved one have been terminated due to COVID-19, you may be entitled to compensation.

The Fostel Law Firm, PLLC is willing and able to assist individuals as they seek justice. If you were wrongfully terminated due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis we can help you take action.