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COVID-19 Claims

If you believe that you contracted COVID-19 because of exposure to the coronavirus on the job or while traveling for work, you may be wondering if you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits (including wage-loss benefits when you’re in quarantine). The answer is that it will depend on the nature of your job, the circumstances in your case (you contracted the illness as a result of a specific exposure that happened while you were doing your job.), and the rules in your state — including temporary changes to those rules during the pandemic.

Clearly, first responders and healthcare workers face a particular danger of being exposed to COVID-19, especially in the midst of a pandemic and shortages of proper protective equipment. However, workers in other occupations—like correctional officers and grocery workers in high-volume stores — might also be able to show that the nature of their work puts them at higher risk than the general population.



Employers Have a Duty to Provide a Safe Workplace:

If an employee merely gets the virus while at work, there is no workers’ comp coverage. But, if an employer tasks the employee with certain jobs that will more likely expose the employee to the virus, then workers’ comp is triggered. An example may be a Maintenance Worker sent to various areas to work. There is an exception if an employer demonstrates gross negligence in assigning jobs. (possible example: “please go fix the boiler in XYZ hospital unit where all of the COVID-19 victims are being treated,”) then the workers’ comp shield against a lawsuit is lost and the employer can be sued for negligence. Another situation that could potentially occur is that employees in particularly high-risk occupations with clear evidence that they were exposed to an infected person on the job get this disease and bring it home to their family. (EX: healthcare worker is exposed during their shift, bring it home to their Ageing grandmother who gets very ill and passes away). The claim for grandmother is a wrongful death claim and is not subject to worker’s compensation as she was not an employee under the Worker’s Compensation Statute.

Employers and their insurance companies will probably fight hard against workers’ comp claims for COVID-19—at least for anyone other than employees in particularly high-risk occupations with clear evidence that they were exposed to an infected person on the job. If you file a claim and are denied at first, you should speak with a qualified workers’ comp attorney who can evaluate your claim, explain how the current rules apply to your situation, and help you with an appeal if that's appropriate.

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