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Eminent Domain Attorney Serving Houston, Texas

Growing up in the rural town of Kermit, Texas I have a true appreciation for the hard work that Farmer’s and Ranchers do on a daily basis. That is why it is truly important for me to make sure their land and investiment is protected.

Eminent domain is the power of the state or federal government—or companies acting under governmental authority—to force individuals or entities to sell their private property for public use. The process is known as “condemnation.”

The need to build or improve basic infrastructure for gas pipelines is increasing exponentially. Often these projects require running pipeline on privately owned land. Both the United States and Texas Constitutions guarantee “just” and “adequate” compensation for property owners, but condemners usually have a low opinion of what’s fair. Further, complex procedures and the special substantive law applicable in condemnation cases make it difficult for landowners to obtain what they are due.

Whether you are looking to negotiate a favorable settlement or to obtain a large verdict, I understand how to give you the best chance to receive truly adequate compensation for property taken from you. Call a skilled Eminent Domain Attorney today for more information or to schedule a consultation (713) 893-0042 or email